Possible collaboration?

What I have been up to

Hi visitor,

Conceptual and research based graphic designer, with a focus on telling stories that matter.

In my booklet What it can represent (2020) I collected graphic designs that used a certain strategy; e.g., propaganda.

With the installation Plastically in the Dark (2020) we invited the visitor to contribute to a greenwashing practice.

In my book Stopwatch (2019) I used a library collection and ordered them on how fast you could read it, as a reflection of the impatienced society.

With 4 others, I designed the identity of the Graduation Show (2020) for the Willem de Kooning Academy.

Georgina Henry, Hannah Kloosterman, Wouter Oomen, Ymar De Jong

I designed the brand identity for House of Sakk (2018), a furniture manufacturer that produces their goods in a fair and sustainable way.

On the side I like to explore the ways of visual design, this is seen in for example this book (2019).

Exploring the possibilities of motion in my work is something I also like to do, with a typographic experiment (2019) as a result.

In the realms of motion I also like to experimenting with Processing (2020) .